The mountains are calling and i must go...

After growing up in Dallas, Texas and spending the first 18 years of my working adult life in the corporate world, I finally left the concrete jungle in 2011 and moved to the Teton Mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It was rebirth and renewal for me in every sense one can imagine.  

It was during this time that I also experienced a renaissance with my writing as well.  Inspired by the beauty around me and a fresh perspective, I fully embraced all that this incredible landscape offered me.  I drank in deeply each day, fully present and energized to share my message and passion with the world.  

My time in the Tetons also allowed me to fully embrace my love of running trails in beautiful places.  The unspeakable beauty I saw with my eyes in the places my feet took me there are beyond any words I could use to describe this here.  How fortunate for me that I found this Valhalla in my first foray outside of my comfort zone.

After a few years in the Tetons I shifted my renaissance project further out west to Auburn, California in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada.   I currently live here with my fiance Michelle with our two wonderfully energetic German Shorthaired Pointers who love to roam the trails with us.  Between us we also have 5 amazing kids ranging in age from 14 to 22! 

We both enjoy working hard to create our ideal life together that will allow us to travel and show our kids a different path to an authentic and happy life.  Of course this means spending lots of time in nature and enjoying a tasty IPA.  Our philosophy is make our work our play and our play our work while exploring the wonderful world around us.