New Content Coming Soon!

As I approach the begining of my 50th year on the planet, I find myself entering another stage of renewal and self-reflection. Although I have not been writing or posting articles on my personal blog, I have been extensively journaling privately throughout 2018. If I continue with my pace of 3 handwritten pages/day I will end up with well over 1000 pages of introspection and ideas I have been ruminating about each morning.

Thew next step for me is to start putting these bold ideas and strong sports opinions out into the world. Hence, the reactivation of this blog and hopefully the creation of a book.

I think I may start by revisiting some of my previous posts adding my older, wiser perspective to these previous musings. It should be insightful for me to see where the hits and misses have been over the past 6-7 years. What lessons did I learn, mistakes made, victories, etc. No regrets, just an accounting and reconciliation of this period of time and how it relates to the here and now.

Speaking of here and now, expect to get a heavy dose of mindfulness from my ramblings. I am in the midst of another spiritual awakening that has me resolved to strengthen my ability to remain mindful each and every moment throughout the day.

Along the way if you like something you read or have some interesting takes to add to the conversation, please do.