My number one priority is that content I create will be engaging and valuable to the reader.  Effectively utilizing keywords and SEO strategies is also mission critical to make sure that enough of the right people find your content and are exposed to your message.  Below is a range of examples of some of my recent projects.

Curate and write all blog content, newsletters, and social media content for this race registration and event management site.  Created all internal help and support content for this robust software platform.  This blog reflects a friendly and less-formal voice.

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Thrive hive

Regular contributor to the blog for this award-winning digital marketing company based in Boston.  Content is focused on educating customers on the importance of effective SEO, SEM, and Social Media strategies.




Created web content, blog articles, newsletters, and other communication pieces for this community of freelance creatives based in New York City.  Curated and scheduled all Social Media content.


Ghostwriter for the Executive Team on the company blog including the CEO.  Also curate and manage all social media channels and publish the monthly email newsletter.